Family Therapy and Counseling

Here at The Traini Counseling Group, we understand that couples and families are susceptible to change and that change can create stress and strain within the family unit that can be difficult to overcome. Families can benefit from therapy at different times of life regardless of religious or ethnic backgrounds.

Family therapy is a great way for couples or families to improve communication between members, resolve conflicts and achieve a great sense of togetherness. 

Why Should My Family Go to Therapy?

If you feel your relationship with your partner, children or other family members is in trouble or coming to a point where you feel it may “break,” family therapy can help you repair those relationships. Family therapy is also important if you feel one or more family members are experiencing behavioral or emotional distress. Family therapy may be right for your family if you find yourselves fighting constantly or have poor communication skills. 

Our talented team of professionals know that each family has their own issues. Everything from marital issues to addiction issues affect the whole family and individuals within that family in different ways. Family therapy allows family units to come together and share their individual emotions and perspectives in a safe environment. Through family therapy, we can help you understand each other and learn coping skills that bring you closer together.

How Does The Traini Counseling Group Approach Family Therapy? 

While there are many types of family therapy or counseling techniques, The Traini Counseling Group focuses mostly on providing structural and intergenerational family therapy. As always, keep in mind that our therapists will always provide you with the best therapy approaches that fit you.

Structural family therapy focuses on maintaining roles within the family. In structural family therapy we identify hierarchies, boundaries and sub-relationships within the family, such as between parent and child. This therapy approach looks at how changing the dynamic within the family can help strengthen family structure. 

Intergenerational family therapy keeps in mind that each generation has different experiences and that those experiences affect one’s behaviors. Through this therapy, we can help different generations understand one another and better express their emotions.

What Are Some Common Issues? 

Like we mentioned, every family is different and has different issues. The most common issues we see families for include:

  • Marital problems
  • Financial problems
  • Conflicts between parents and children
  • Substance abuse 
  • Mental illness
  • Grief
  • Separation/divorce
  • Chronic illness

How Does Family Therapy Work?

Typically family therapy involves several family members gathering together for therapy sessions. In some cases, we may ask to meet with family members individually. 

Depending on your family’s issues and goals, your therapy may last only a few sessions or last a few months. We will examine your family’s abilities to solve problems and express themselves, how to identify issues within the family and how to recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, our goal is to strengthen family communication and help family members work collaboratively towards solutions to their problems.

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