Lacie Ellithorpe, LLMSW

Emotions are tough to manage as adults, imagine how tough it is for kids! My passion for helping children understand emotions and how important they are is what led me to this position. I believe that with the right understanding of how trauma affects us in the short and long term is what helps take the next steps to being successful with coping mechanisms and in turn an emotionally and mentally productive life. 

My goal is to help the youth I work with understand why they feel the way they do and the importance of those feelings, both good and bad. If a child can begin to think through feelings and trauma responses at a young age they can carry those skills into adult hood to be aware of needed boundaries, opportunities for self-care, and the importance of self-autonomy and self-advocacy. Positive understandings from a young age can blossom into successful life skills and home atmospheres. 

License #: 6​8​5​1​1​1​5​5​8​2

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