Yasmin Al-Traini, LCSW

TF-CBT, CCTS, (R)Play Therapist, SSW

Clinical Director and Owner of The Traini Counseling Group

Please note: Yasmin is not accepting new clients at this time.

I like to approach therapy with compassion, a sense of humor and an open heart. More importantly, I approach therapy with each client with an endless level of hope and commitment, won’t you as well?

My focus in my career has been on assessment and treatment of trauma symptoms, supporting the process of grief and loss and treating the impact of traumatic childhood experiences on adult functioning.​ ​My goal is to give my patients the support they need to restore balance and wellness to their lives.

​When I am not working directly with my patients, I am taking on the role of consult and leadership with my team in order to ensure our patients are receiving the highest quality care. At The Traini Counseling Group, all patients are welcome and treated with respect, dignity and acceptance. We proudly welcome people from all walks of life and adhere to an inclusive and non-discriminatory commitment.

License #: 6801100361

We look forward to getting to know you!