Medication Management

Medical Management in Flint, MI

At Traini Counseling Group, we understand treating mental health concerns is a collaborative endeavor. As an effort to provide a full-service experience, we provide the option for patients to speak to a qualified professional who can order or perform a range of psychological tests, hold discussions with patients and help provide a picture of a patient’s physical and mental state.

Our prescriber’s education and clinical training equip them to understand the complex relationship between emotional and other medical illnesses, and the relationships with genetics and family history. Together, our prescriber and therapists work to develop treatment plans that may include therapy and medication that best fit your individual needs.

Why Should I Consider Medication Management?

Today’s mental health community agrees that most mental health disorders or illnesses can be treated effectively with a mixture of psychotherapy and medication therapy. If you feel medication may help supplement your mental wellness or if your therapist has recommended considering medication, medication management may be a great option for you. The right medication can help reduce or eliminate symptoms of mental illness and significantly improve your quality of life. 

Along with finding the right medication for you, our prescriber will also ensure that you are reaching both your short-term and long-term goals for your mental well-being, monitor the efficiency of your medications, make sure all medications are taken correctly and document and communicate this information for you between you and your therapist.

How Does Medication Management/Medication Therapy Management Work?

Medication Management

Expect to be seen by a therapist first in order to determine a diagnosis and the need for medication management services, before being seen by our prescriber. For appointments with the prescriber, patients will come into the office and vitals may be taken, such as weight, measurements and blood pressure checks. Then each patient will visit with our prescriber on a virtual platform. The prescriber will be able to send scripts to the pharmacy of each patient’s choice, electronically. 

Medication management sessions are typically 30-45 minutes unless you are an established and stable patient, in which they may be shorter. Patients maybe encouraged by our prescribers to see one of our therapists on a regular basis in order to better monitor your progress and status after starting a new medication regimen.

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