What To Expect

Scheduling A Session

Scheduling is simple and quick. Give us a call or fill out an interest form. Then, give our friendly receptionists some simple demographic information. Once that is done, you will be put on to the calendar at a time that works for you and your therapist. If you check out our “Meet Our Team” page and you have a therapist in mind, let our receptionists know. We have several therapists in order to work with almost any issue.

During Treatment

Treatment is usually on a weekly basis. Sometimes treatment frequency may change based on need. Therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes in length, although 60 minutes are scheduled between patients to make time for signing in, having a full session and wrapping up. Treatment goals are created with your therapist and there is typically a rough timeline as to when you could be expected to complete treatment or move into a new goal. After the initial session, your next session can be scheduled at the front desk. It is highly recommended and preferred to have a consistent and re-occurring time-slot.

Medication management sessions are typically much shorter than therapy sessions (for established patients). The decision on how frequently medication check-ins are required must be made by the prescriber. Expect to be seen by a therapist first in order to determine a diagnosis and the need for medication services, before being seen by the prescriber.

Before Your First Session

You will receive an email inviting you to create a patient portal. In the portal, you will find an in-take packet that must be read and signed before treatment begins. When you fill out your intake paperwork online, your therapist will receive an alert. Your therapist will be able to read your in-take paperwork before your first session together and will get to know you a bit. If you come in for your first session and do not feel a connection with your therapist, you can try someone new. Our clinical director will assist in helping you find the therapist who could be the best fit for you.

Fees and Payments

We accept most major insurance plans. Many people will have no out-of-pocket fees at all. Our knowledgable office team will be able to verify your insurance benefits based on the insurance plan you carry over the phone! For those who do not have health insurance at all or prefer not to use it, our office rates range between $100.00 (Therapy) and $150.00 a session (Medication Consult, Management and Prescription Service).

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