Valentine’s Day: A Day of Loneliness or Love?

Valentine's Day Mental Health, Flint, MI

There’s a reason some people call it “Valentine’s Day” and others call it “Single’s Awareness Day.” For those that suffer from anxiety or depression, Valentine’s Day can be something to dread. Perhaps you worry about disappointing your partner, unsure of what their expectations are, or maybe you’re not in a relationship and are feeling lonely and unworthy.   

Whatever the case, we want to remind you that you are a person worthy of love, whether it’s self love or love from family and friends.

Try these ideas to spread love to your Valentine, whether it’s yourself or a special someone.

1. Make a care package.

If you’re alone this February, make yourself a care package. Show yourself some self love and include your favorite flowers (or forget the flowers and include your favorite candle,) a card (be sure to include positive things you love about yourself,) chocolates and other goodies. You can do the same for a single friend who is alone this Valentine’s Day–you can be sure it’ll brighten their day! 

2. Send some Valentine’s Day cards.

Send someone a special handwritten note!

In a study published in 2016, patients who attempted suicide who were treated with “three therapy sessions followed by two years of receiving personalized letters,” had an 80% reduced risk of repeat suicide attempts. Benefit your own mental health and others by sending some Valentines. Choose some special stationary, a pen or pencil, and get writing!  (Hint: Your parents and single friends might enjoy a letter too!)

3. Make it a spa day.

Every person deserves a spa day at least once in their life. With a partner or without, indulge in some self love at home with a bubble bath, face mask and candles. If you’re feeling really fancy, book yourself a massage. Baths not your thing? That’s just fine! Skip that suds and instead cozy up in your favorite blankets with your favorite hot beverage and a good book. We won’t begrudge you a Netflix binge either. 

4. Unplug from social media.

Avoid social media and instead focus on doing something mindful. Meditation practice can help reduce stress-related symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. Slowing down and silencing your mind can do amazing things like improve your mood and increase your attention span. Even if you start small, say just five minutes of meditation, or five minutes of yoga, easy, mindful practices like these can help you slow down and find balance in an otherwise stressful day. 

No one said Valentine’s Day had to be about couples. No one said Valentine’s Day had to be spent alone in your room, suffering. Valentine’s Day should be a day for loving yourself and anyone you choose to. A day of self care. A day like Friendsgiving, or a day like your birthday. 

Here at Traini Counseling Group, we’re here to help you celebrate how you want to celebrate life. And if you’re having a little trouble enjoying life, let us know how we can help. We’re here for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!