Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Mental Health

Mental Health New Year's Resolutions, Flint, MI

Yes, it’s that time of year again! While many people delight in hitting the refresh button and diving into their New Year’s resolutions, others squirm a little, maybe a little wary that their goals may just become something that falls by the wayside come March (or maybe even sooner!) Whatever your feelings are about New Year’s resolutions, this year the Traini Counseling Group would like to encourage you to make at least one New Year’s resolution to boost your well being.

Many of these resolutions are small,  but can lead to gradual and sustainable happiness. Sound good? Read on! 

1. Say “No.”

Try saying “no” to every five commitments in order to practice self care and boundaries. We may think that saying “yes” to everything means we’re more involved, more open to opportunities and relationships. What we may forget sometimes is that we also need time for ourselves, our special interests, and our own priorities. Remember, we can only give the best of ourselves when working on our own lives and happiness first.

2. Decrease Screen Time.

Try backing away from devices (phones, TVs, computers) for an allotted time frame every single day, even if for only five minutes. For those fives minutes, live in the present. Process what you see, hear, smell, and touch.

Find yourself consuming too much negative media? Try what Paul L. Hokemeyer, a licensed marriage and family therapist, has resolved to do.  

“While I do a good job on carefully selecting food and relationships that nurture me, I can definitely improve the quality of the media allowed into my psyche. …I have been pulled into the hostility, vulgarity and division that has come to define American politics. This consumption has left me feeling anxious, depressed, angry and at times plagued by fear. Moving forward, I’m resolving to only consume media that supports the narrative of empathy, compassion and understanding traits that we need more of in our individual psyches, our relationships, our families and our country.” (

3. Be Kind to Yourself.

Notice how sometimes you really rip your self esteem apart, but then seem to be all forgiving to others who may do similar things? Stop it! This year resolve to put that negativity and anxiety away and focus on being kinder to yourself. Instead of negative self-talk, start a habit of recognizing things you’re good at, no matter how small or insignificant your usually negative-self may tell you it is. Be your own cheerleader, pat yourself on the back, smile at the good job you achieved! Be patient with yourself. You may even be surprised what it does for your physical health!

4. Start a Gratitude Journal.

A gratitude journal is exactly what it sounds like–simply a journal of things you’re grateful for. Try the habit of listing at least three things at the end of the day that you were grateful for that day. For example, it can be something as simple as, “a perfectly made cup of coffee” or something as big as “I got a promotion today!”

Recognizing the benefits in your day helps you feel more positive overall, lower stress levels, anger and negativity. It also helps you realize that perhaps “bad” days weren’t as bad as you thought.

5. Find a Therapist. 

Finding a dedicated, licensed therapist that you can connect with is truly a special thing. Of course at Traini Counseling Group, we’re always here for you in times of great turmoil or anguish, but we’re also here for you at any time to foster healing and self care. Speaking with and attending therapy with a therapist is a great opportunity for you to simply find balance and happiness, at any time in your life.

While these are just a few New Year’s resolutions to attain better mental health this year, there are plenty of goals, strategies, ideas, and unique opportunities for you out there. We can’t wait to see what this year holds for all of us and you, and hope that we can be there to help support your own mental wellness and help you succeed. Let us know if we can help you in your own journey!