Maintaining your Mental Health During the Holidays

Frantic shopping, family dinners with awkward conversations, excessive traveling. These are a few of our…least favorite things? Let’s face it–sometimes the holiday season isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. All the hustle and bustle, grandiose expectations and financial demands can really take a toll on our mental health. That being said, the holiday seasonContinue reading “Maintaining your Mental Health During the Holidays”

5 Self-Care Tips for Parents During Summer Break

For many, especially children, summer break means no school, vacations, beautiful weather and time with family and friends. For parents on the other hand, summer can mean a time of anxiety, chaotic schedules, noisy households and little downtime. As parents ourselves, we understand that summertime can be both a wonderful season and a one thatContinue reading “5 Self-Care Tips for Parents During Summer Break”

Mental Health Awareness for Mother’s Day

It’s May again! Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, the grass is green and the weather is warm! What’s also in May? Well, Mother’s Day of course! And while we certainly don’t want to take away from celebrating all our wonderful mothers, we do want to also emphasize that May is National MaternalContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness for Mother’s Day”

How to Survive the Holidays After a Loss

For many, holidays are a time to celebrate, to bring loved ones together, enjoy each other’s company and make memories. However, for those who are mourning the loss of a loved one, holidays can be unbearably painful, lonely, or otherwise uncomfortable. Whether it’s a sudden loss or a death that’s been prepared for, a passingContinue reading “How to Survive the Holidays After a Loss”