Tips for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Sober and Staying in Recovery

Staying in Recovery on Saint Patrick's Day, Flint, MI

Green beer, boisterous parades, Irish music, and all day festivities! These are things that most people associate with St. Patrick’s Day. And while it may have begun as a cultural and religious celebration held every March 17th, that honored the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, today in the United States, St. Patrick’s Day has become a whole new beast.

Today it’s not uncommon for people on Saint Patrick’s day to celebrate the day by going on bar crawls and imbibing in food, friends and spirits. On holidays like these though, it’s imperative to remember what’s important to you. Yes, we completely understand the FOMO (fear of missing out,) but we also understand the huge trigger holidays like these can be, and how far you’ve come in your addiction recovery.

That’s why we’ve compiled a few ideas for you to make plans this Saint Patrick’s day to celebrate Irish culture, enjoy the day and stay sober! 

Take a Few Moments to Remind Yourself of Your Priorities

For just a few minutes, use the tools you’ve learned throughout addiction recovery to remind yourself why you’ve chosen to abstain. Write down why you’re in recovery, what your goals are and how proud you are of yourself in how far you’ve come. Remind yourself that you have the strength to stay in recovery and avoid relapse.

Surround Yourself with Sober Friends

And no, they don’t have to be Irish. 

Believe it or not, not everyone on Saint Patrick’s day wants to have a drink. They can be fellow friends in recovery, those in your community who naturally abstain, or simply friends who prefer not to drink. Gather them together, host your own party and try some of the following ideas.

Cook an Irish Feast 

It’s not all corned beef and cabbage! Satisfy your cravings for something new with foods like Irish soda bread, shepherd’s pie, or Irish oat flapjacks. And yes, bring on the green with green food coloring if you’d like. We won’t begrudge you a few green Irish-themed mocktails or two.

Watch an Irish Film

The Irish have some great movies. Some options include “The Wind That Shakes the Barley,” “The Secret of Kells,” and “Brooklyn.”  In fact, you can find a whole list of the top 50 Irish films ever made here. There’s sure to be one of those streaming on Netflix!

With just a little effort, an otherwise overwhelming, triggering holiday can become something to look forward to for people in recovery. Gather your loved ones, those that support you, and have some fun. Wear some green, avoid those pinches, fill your belly with some hearty Irish food, and maybe, just maybe, Saint Patrick will bestow some of his love and luck upon you! 

If you ever are struggling with addiction, please know we are here for you, whether you are choosing to make the first step towards recovery, or are picking yourself up again. All that matters is that you are choosing to rise up again. We would welcome the opportunity to help you in your recovery. 

A very happy St. Patrick’s day to you from Traini Counseling Group!