Jordan Kellogg, LLMSW

My goal as your therapist is to help you recognize your strengths and give you the tools to to be able to get through hardships and over obstacles that may stand in your way. I utilize compassionate listening, humor, and emotional comfort to give you a safe and comfortable space to speak openly.

Through my experience as a hospice social worker, I have had the opportunity to support patients and their families through end of life. This is a difficult time in people’s lives but it can be a time for growth, mending relationships, and reframing your mindset to help you see the joy in life. working with adults and the elderly has allowed me to work on being more patient and understanding because you never truly know what someone has been through or what they are currently experiencing. I understand how Depression, Anxiety, and trauma can affect a person’s thinking and how they react to situations.

I look forward to helping you realize that having trauma or a mental health concern does not define you. You can find the joy in life if given the proper tools and the right person to talk to.

License #: 6851113959

We look forward to getting to know you!